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KALI Academy launches webinar program

You will find our current webinar offer on plant nutrition and fertilisation here. more

K+S Czech Republic a.s.

K+S Czech Republic a.s. is a sales platform in the K+S Group active in the sectors salt, potash and magnesium products as well as waste management. The K+S Group has maintained business and its own offices for more than 20 years in the Czech Republic and has since then become an appreciated and reliable business partner.

New premium table salts of SALDORO® available

From now on, we offer two new premium table salt products in the Czech market. SALDORO® Fine Ancient Salt Folding Box 600g and SALDORO® Pink Ancient Mill Salt Bag 600g are now in the supermarkets. Further information on products, the SALDORO® brand and tasty recipes are available on the website.www.saldoro.com

Solné mlýny

The history of the brand Solné mlýny started in 1921. The brand is well known all over Czech Republic and beyond the country borders. Today, major part of the salt processed in Olomouc is coming from the German K+S mine Bernburg.